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Eco-Friendly Supplies for Businesses from the Raw Office

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With Canadian offices in Toronto and Winnipeg, the Raw Office provides eco-friendly supplies for offices and businesses. As a certified B Corporation, their dedication to the environment and sustainability is evident, and can help other businesses lower their carbon footprint through better conscious business supplies.

Distributing carbon-neutral COVID-19 supplies

Founder and president, Jeff Golfman, says that with COVID-19, they’ve seen a huge upswing in sales, supplying both office and safety supplies to businesses and manufacturers alike. The Raw Office is deemed an essential service and is also the only office supply company distributing carbon-neutral COVID-19 supplies as part of their commitment to green initiatives. The increased demand for their products has come from new sales, partnerships and referrals, which have grown exponentially in a short time frame.

Sending eco-friendly supplies to essential service industries

Businesses like the Raw Office are crucial in keeping the economy moving by helping to build new supply chains and creating new partnerships that will last beyond COVID-19. The Raw Office’s key sellers right now include masks, hand sanitizer, thermometers and bathroom paper products, which are being sent all across North America to various essential service industries such as airlines, factories and the transportation and trucking industry. It is sales like these that allow for basic needs to be continually provided and will prove crucial when the time comes for the economy to slowly start returning back to normal.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint - Winnipeg
Jeff Golfman, Raw Office founder and president

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