How to Keep Mental Wellness Top-Of-Mind This Holiday Season

Published on November 30, 2021

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With the most wonderful time of the year upon us, many people are looking forward to slowing down, spending time with loved ones, and enjoying some much-deserved down time. But with more time to relax and indulge over the holidays, it can be easy to get knocked off your regular mental wellness routine and lose sight of the things that make you feel your best.

Protecting Your Mental Wellness Is Key During the Holidays

As we all spend more time with family, the holiday season can easily become a time when tensions run high, creating more opportunities for conflict to arise. Protecting your mental wellness year-round is crucial, but it can be especially important if the holidays are typically a stressful time for you, as they are for many people.

Remember, very often, the best way to prioritize your emotional wellness is to relax, spend time with the people you love, and simply enjoy life. If you’re hoping to stay in a positive headspace and feel more energized this holiday season, there are a few simple tweaks you can make.

How to Prioritize Mental Wellness This Holiday Season

Here are three ways to prioritize mental wellness this holiday season:

1.     Make Time for Mental Health Rituals

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Whether you’re an avid meditator or you’ve made a healthy habit of journaling each morning, try to keep these mental hygiene practices up over the holidays, even if you’re staying with family. It can be easy to let healthy practices fall by the wayside when there’s a change in your routine or things get busy, but even if you’re only devoting five minutes a day to your mental health, it can make a big difference.

2.     Nourish Your Body

A woman happily preparing a holiday meal in the kitchen because nourishing food ca help your mental wellness during the holidays.

We all love to indulge in cookies, sweets and chocolate over the holidays, but if optimal nutrition is a priority for you, there are ways to maintain a healthy eating regime while still making room for all the treats the holidays have to offer. Proper nutrition has been linked to a boosted mood in several studies, so taking time to nourish your body during the holidays could help you keep your mental health in check.

Opt for nutrient-dense dishes with a source of healthy protein and veggies that will satisfy your hunger and keep your blood sugar stable all night long. From sweet potatoes topped with cinnamon to side dishes like brussels sprouts, there are plenty of delicious opportunities to get your fill of fruits and veggies if you’re at a holiday dinner party or get-together.

3.     Set Firm Boundaries

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Setting firm boundaries to protect your mental health is something many of us struggle with today, and it can be especially difficult during the holidays when you’re being pulled in what feels like a thousand different directions. To prioritize your mental wellness during the holiday season, remind yourself that you don’t have to say “yes” to every invite or request that comes your way. Be sure to get plenty of sleep, and make time for rest, relaxation and healthy routines, even if it means saying “no” to someone in your life.

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