Inspirational Documentaries That Will Change the Way You Think

Published on March 23, 2022

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A subtle change in perspective is sometimes all it takes to alter the course of your life forever. Something as simple as a podcast episode, an article, or even a text from a friend can make all the difference when it comes to adopting a new mindset and changing the way you think about the world around you. If you want to learn something new and be awe-inspired, we’ll be sharing inspirational documentaries that could change your life.

Inspirational Documentaries Have the Power to Open Your Mind

A good documentary can be a powerful vehicle for change and an opportunity to open your mind to a new paradigm. You never know what you might learn by keeping an open mind and exploring some of these inspirational documentaries.

5 Inspirational Documentaries to Stream Right Now

Whether you’re interested in nature, climate change, or society and culture, there’s always more to learn on the topics that fascinate you. Here are five inspirational documentaries that could change the way you think for good:

1. This Changes Everything

Featuring some of Hollywood’s most successful female actors like Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Chastain and Tiffany Haddish, This Changes Everything explores the ongoing issue of gender discrimination in the entertainment industry. The inspirational documentary exposes the gaps in representation that are still holding women back today, while weaving a compelling narrative about the history and background behind the issue.

2. Kiss the Ground

If you’re hoping to learn more about potential solutions for climate change, this is one of the most inspirational documentaries made about the subject. Featuring experts and celebrity activists like Woody Harrelson, the film explores how soil could be the key to preserving our planet for future generations.

3. My Octopus Teacher

Animal and nature lovers everywhere have been touched by this heartwarming story of an unlikely friendship between a man and an octopus from a South African kelp forest. One of the most inspirational documentaries on Netflix, My Octopus Teacher conveys a deeper message about the relationship between humans and nature, while opening the viewer’s mind to a new perspective on life.

4. Downfall: The Case Against Boeing

Although the stories told in this compelling documentary may not be exactly feel-good, the film sends an important message about the greed and corruption that’s so prevalent in our society today. Exposing Boeing’s alleged prioritization of profits over safety, the documentary reminds us of both the precious nature of human life and the need for an overall cultural reset when it comes to what we value most in society.

5. The Alpinist

Inspirational climbing documentaries have become a genre of their own accord, but The Alpinist is in a league of its own. The film tells the incredible story of Marc-André Leclerc, a fearless climber who has shocked even the most seasoned climbers with his incredible accomplishments. Portraying Leclerc’s unique philosophy of living life to its fullest and never holding back, The Alpinist will inspire you to follow your dreams and crush self-doubt.

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