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Sustainable Fashion-Forward Clothing by EcoTee

Eco Tee Co. produces sustainable, fashion-forward apparel

For those who love fashion trends and care about the environment, there frequently is a conflict. We seek to find fashion-forward, sustainable clothing options (colour, style, fit), without the negative impact or the large environmental footprint that comes along with the fashion industry. We feel compelled to search for solutions that allow us to continue to love fashion, while remaining eco-conscious and socially responsible for the greater good. Eco Tee has created the solution.

Consumers are purchasing sustainable and ethically made clothing

As we become more aware of climate change and unethical fashion practices, we understand there must be changes in how the fashion industry works. Consumer buying habits are evolving, especially in the area of design. Thanks to a positive shift in consumer mindsets, more people are opting towards purchasing ethically and sustainably made products.

The Fashion industry is the 2nd biggest polluter next to oil. 80 per cent of textiles are discarded each year. If we purchase less, but make better choices selecting transparent, quality pieces that last, we embrace a circular economy that benefits everyone. It’s a solution to end fast-fashion, unethical manufacturing practices and help the environment.

Eco Tee creates fashion-forward sustainable apparel
Eco Tee plants a tree for every purchase through onetreeplanted.org.

Eco Tee Co was founded by Angela Polimeni who believes there is intrinsic motivation when you change the world in a positive way. Eco Tee aims to raise consumer awareness of global issues that affect the planet and to promote environmental responsibility while using ethically-made, eco-friendly, less toxic and sustainable apparel. Chosen fabrics are made from alternative plant-based fibres as well as recycled and deadstock that factories plan to discard. Eco Tee’s mission to make sustainable and ethical living commonplace is inspiring a social movement to respect and preserve the natural world, while supporting safe and fair working conditions for people throughout the supply chain. To further their cause, Eco Tee Company supports sustainable productivity and plants a tree for every purchase through onetreeplanted.org.

Visit Eco Tee Co’s website to learn more and view their products. Featured items include eco-friendly activewear made from recycled materials, sustainable basics and planet-friendly accessories.  

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