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TACK10 Builds Client Success Through Core Value Drivers

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Ontario consulting firm, TACK10 is a certified B Corporation doing their part to help businesses re-establish themselves in a sustainable and prosperous way during COVID-19. Working for and with their clients, TACK10 builds client success and aims to leverage the nine core value drivers of strategic partnership, which includes communication and narrative, audience experience and non-traditional revenue.

In their fifth year of business, the company operates as a boutique independent firm and works with clients in the public sector, nonprofits and for-profit businesses to help organizations determine what value they can contribute to outside stakeholders, and what value outside stakeholders can contribute to their businesses. With COVID-19, re-establishing these values in a way that allows businesses to move forward has become more important than ever, and TACK10 is offering their Sandbox Sessional program pro-bono to those who are in need.

The Sandbox Sessional Program builds client success through partnerships

The Sandbox Sessional is a program that focuses on setting organizations up to drive success and sustainability through partnership development, delivered through 10 to 15 hours of virtual facilitation and workshops. To determine whether businesses qualify for the free version of this incredible program, you should reach out to TACK10 for more information. They’re happy to provide this service for as long as it’s feasible and necessary, as they want organizations to succeed during and after COVID-19. 

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