Turn on the Switch, Find a Passion and Obsess About It

Published on June 6, 2020

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Let`s jump right in. I believe everyone needs a passion, a way to “turn on the switch.” Otherwise, life will just be one boring moment after another where you feel like a robot in an endless checkout line. 

My mental health challenges led me to become an author, inspirational speaker and mental health advocate. I had to make a choice after becoming suicidal. My defining moment was a crucial conversation with a friend that resulted in a very heated question: “This is your last kick at the can. Are you going to beat it or are you going to let it beat you!”  I had to make a choice, and I chose to fight my way out of my mental illness.

That moment changed my life, and I knew my mission was to help others.

“Turn on the switch” in yourself

My healing journey began after co-authoring The Smiling Mask-Truths about Postpartum Depression and Parenthood, and for the past 10 years I have been writing, speaking and educating about postpartum depression. I view my illness as a gift to help others and have had the opportunity to inspire women across the country. The connections I have made are sacred and powerful, as we have shared tears and laughter while destroying the shame and stigma of mental illness.

My latest book, T.U.R.N. O.N. T.H.E. S.W.I.T.C.H! Find a Passion and Obsess about it! is an acronym for the 15 wellness tools that transformed my life. I am excited to explore with you ways to dream big, change your thoughts and open the door to endless healing opportunities. We will also learn how to set goals.

The fastest way to “turn on the switch” is through gratitude.  Don`t believe me?  I want you to try a little experiment. Sit and make a list right now of all the things you are grateful for. This will reset your mind and your focus.

In future articles, I plan to challenge you and myself. So what are your dreams, your goals or something you have always wanted to do?  They can be for personal development, career orientated or just for fun.  This year, I plan to have a little more fun and will be working on a fun bucket list. Stay tuned for some of the things I plan to do. 

For now, your challenge is to make a fun bucket list, even if we are in COVID-19 times. What is your dream project you’ve been putting off? Where would you love to travel in your own province? This is a no holds barred list, so get creative and let your mind go wild.  Remember to “turn on the switch!”

READ MORE about how to “turn on the switch.”

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The Author
Carla O’Reilly is an inspirational speaker, mental health advocate, and award-winning author of T.U.R.N. O.N. T.H.E. S.W.I.T.C.H.! Find a Passion and Obsess about It! When she is not writing or speaking, she is a busy sports mom who loves cheering on her son. You can reach her on Facebook or at www.thesmilingmask.com.