What Is a Rage Room and Will It Really Help Your Mental Health?

Published on May 5, 2022

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Are you feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders? Looking for a way to release your anger that preferably won’t result in job loss or divorce? Look no further than your local rage room: a space that’s specifically designed for people to destroy things so they can vent their frustrations in a safe yet effective manner.

The Trend First Originated in Japan

According to Vice, the rage room trend first originated in Japan in 2008. Now, similar concepts have sprung up around the world, and people everywhere have discovered the unique benefits of letting their rage run wild in a controlled setting.

Typically, rage rooms will feature a set up that includes things you can break like furniture or old computers, as well as a few different weapons to help you accomplish this like sledgehammers or baseball bats.

The idea is that by giving yourself the time and space to smash inanimate objects and let out pent-up destructive energy, you’ll release some of that stored anger many of us harbor deep inside but keep hidden away to abide by societal norms and you know, laws.

How Much Does a Rage Room Cost?

Pricing for a rage room session varies, but you’ll likely pay anywhere from $15 for a BYOB (bring your own breakables) package, to $300 for a deluxe session featuring over 100 items just waiting to be smashed.

People have used rage rooms to let out their anger about a variety of subjects, whether that be marital issues, a toxic ex, or just your typical internalized anger that’s built up over years of disturbances. You can also head to a rage room simply for your average, run-of-the-mill stress relief, which is something most of us could use more of, especially given that two-thirds of America’s population is stressed out today.

Is a Rage Room Healthy?

Person in a rage room breaking a chair with a bat.
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While rage rooms may provide you with some relief from anger, are they really a long-lasting solution to deep-seated emotional issues?

Some experts have commented that smashing old objects in a rage could be a temporary band-aid solution for psychological issues that require expert intervention. Others have gone so far as to suggest that rage rooms might even be reinforcing negative or destructive coping behaviors for those who struggle with anger issues.

Research backing the “catharsis theory”, which asserts that doing things like visiting a rage room will help you release pent-up emotions, has been around for decades. However, experts say that research actually backs up the opposite theory, suggesting that giving into your anger and taking it out on unsuspecting inanimate objects around you won’t help and in fact, might even worsen your emotions.

There’s No Replacement for Therapy

Person in a rage room smashing a glass bottle.
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Overall, rage rooms are just one technique (a gimmicky one, at that) that could help you relieve stress quickly and manage your anger. Of course, there’s no replacement for adequate medical care, therapy or medication if needed, so always talk to your doctor first before self-diagnosing. There are also several stress relievers backed by science you could try first, like yoga or meditation. 

But, if you feel like trying out a fun new technique that could potentially help you release stress and anger, find a rage room near you to give it a go.

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