100+ Beauty Brands Join Forces to Fight Climate Change

Published on October 18, 2021

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Beauty brands join forces to fight climate change. People hold signs to take a stand against climate change.

The beauty industry is stepping forward boldly to advocate for climate change policy and a more sustainable world. In September 2021, over 100 beauty and wellness brands teamed up to use their platforms for good and raise awareness about the desperate need for action against climate change.

On September 21st, the beauty brands hit pause on their social media accounts (totaling over 40 million followers, collectively) to make a statement and advocate for climate change solutions. A few of the participating brands even shut down their e-commerce sites for the day.

The campaign, CodeRed4Climate, is dedicated to closing the gap between climate change awareness and tangible action. Despite the fact that many people are aware of the climate crisis today, only one major energy bill has been passed by Congress in the past 14 years, and the need for urgent action has become abundantly clear.

Beauty Brands Say ‘Caring About Climate Change Is Not Enough’

The brands participating in CodeRed4Climate range from large to small brands across a variety of sectors like hair, personal care and fragrance. Some of the brands taking part in the campaign include Versed, Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics and Herbivore Botanicals.

In a statement, Melanie Bender, leader of CodeRed4Climate and Founding President of Versed, a Climate Neutral Certified skincare brand, noted that caring about climate change is not enough. She urged us all to work together and use our collective influence to create change before it’s too late.

“It’s not enough to care. Humankind must act—and to avoid disastrous consequences for generations to come, we must act together,” she states. “Beauty is an industry of trendmakers. We want to use that influence to kickstart a movement of climate responsibility and action — before it’s too late.”

Beauty Industry Must Take ‘a Strong Stance Against Climate Change’

Annette Palumbo is the executive director of Beauty United Council of Ontario, a grassroots non-profit organization advocating for the personal care industry. She says Beauty United decided to participate in CodeRed4Climate because the organization is dedicated to taking a strong stance against climate change and protecting the beauty industry for present and future generations.

“Beauty United is committed to assisting its members in becoming green salons, spas and studios,” she says. “The beauty industry is one of the most avant-garde industries in making a difference to the world and contributing to the betterment of our future generations. We want to participate in being proactive in keeping our planet in good health.”

Businesses Can ‘Stay Green Without Sacrificing Profit’

Palumbo says that in addition to supporting CodeRed4Climate, Beauty United is working on several other initiatives to help beauty businesses stay green without sacrificing profit.

“We are working on ground-breaking programs to keep our salons, spas, and studios green,” she says. “We are working to get funding to assist these businesses to stay green at minimum cost to the business.”

CodeRed4Climate Urging People to Act Now

According to the CodeRed4Climate website, the world is facing a crucial juncture when it comes to saving the planet. Keeping warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius is a critical threshold for humankind, and we have less than 10 years to accomplish this.

CodeRed4Climate is urging everyone to call their local government representative and ask them to support climate initiatives. They include further details and instructions on CodeRed4Climate.org.

Cheers to sustainable living 🥂! This month we’re toasting to eco-friendly companies that practice what they preach.

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