Eco-Friendly Companies That Practice What They Preach

Published on September 13, 2021

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Last updated: Sept. 15, 2022. With the threat of climate change looming, it’s never been more important for corporations and individuals to engage in sustainable practices to help the environment. While 90% of executives consider sustainability an important issue, only a quarter of them have incorporated sustainable initiatives into their business model.

Unfortunately, many companies today engage in what’s called greenwashing — the practice of creating a façade of corporate sustainability that doesn’t have much substance to it when you look a little closer. If sustainability is important to you, you’ll likely want to support eco-friendly companies that are making real strides towards positively impacting the environment, while avoiding those that are just paying lip service to the movement.

Eco-Friendly Companies Making a Difference

The good news is that there are plenty of brands engaging in real sustainability initiatives and making a tangible impact on the environment through their business practices. Here are five eco-friendly companies that walk their talk when it comes to sustainability:

1. Air Company

Fueled by the belief that well-executed science can change the world, Air Company has created Air Vodka, a carbon-negative vodka with natural flavors. The brand will be using the same innovative technology they used to make Air Vodka to create other products in the future with the aim of tackling climate change and building a cleaner, greener world.

2. Ecosia

What if we could heal the planet just by looking something up on the internet? This is the question Ecosia is asking with its innovative eco-friendly search engine. The company donates 80% of its profits (aside from operational costs) to tree planting, renewable energy sources and other green initiatives in hopes of contributing to a climate change solution.

3. Patagonia

While the fashion industry is known as one of the worst offenders in terms of climate impacts, there are some major apparel brands working to make the world a better place. Patagonia, for example, is involved in several sustainability initiatives including moving towards 100% renewable and recycled raw materials, investing in regenerative organic practices to reduce emissions and using renewable energy sources. UPDATE: On Sept. 14, 2022, Patagonia’s founder announced he’s giving away the company to a charitable trust to fight the climate crisis, proving he’s really walking the talk.

4. tentree

Every purchase of tentree’s comfortable, sustainable clothing results in the planting of 10 trees, hence the company’s name. So far, tentree has planted over 61 million trees and counting, and they’re planning on reaching the epic milestone of planting one billion trees all over the world by 2030. If you’re looking for a clothing brand you can feel good about supporting, tentree is a great place to start.

5. Tru Earth

When you think of living a more sustainable lifestyle, the way you do your laundry may not be the first thing to come to mind. However, Tru Earth is here to prove that there’s a more environmentally-friendly way to clean your clothes with its laundry eco-strips, which are paraben and phosphate-free, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and much more. Plus, the company donates 32 loads of laundry to food banks and frontline workers for every subscription, so there are plenty of reasons to feel good about switching to Tru Earth.

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