A Pause for Spas: 4 Ways to Achieve Wellness Through Travel

Published on June 4, 2021

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Travel research is my favourite hobby. I used to start each year with a travel bucket list. I liked to research the perfect resort — one with picturesque beaches and lots of fun-in-the-sun activities. I always booked it early in the year so I had something to look forward to.

This past year was no different. Like many people, I yearned to travel more than ever after living with lockdown restrictions. I came into the beginning of 2021 longing for connection, tranquility, healing and human touch. This year gave me Pause for Spas and a yearning for Wellness through Travel.

In my research, I found that I could find the wellness I needed not only at the beach, but in the mountains and even on the rooftop of a beautiful building in a historical city. The possibilities for my wellness through travel were endless. I could have a vacation that was not only pleasing to my senses but meditative and healing to my soul. I invite you to take a journey with me to a few of the spectacular wellness areas around the world that make us Pause for Spas.

The Greenbrier — America’s Resort Since 1778

The Greenbrier resort is located in the beautiful Allegheny Mountains in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. This gorgeous historical resort is situated on 11,000 acres and dates back to 1778. The name “America’s Resort” mirrors the best of southern hospitality, and the resort is world-class.

The Greenbrier is a draw for many who crave a travel experience rich with the quiet solitude and tranquility that only the mountains bring. The healing mineral waters of the natural White Sulphur Springs have been considered a medicinal refuge with claims of healing ailments through drinking and bathing in the wonderous waters. 

pink, mint and green loungewith chais at greenbrier spa

The Greenbrier Is One of the World’s Top Spas

Imagine my delight when further research unfolded an article with a very impressive statistic:  the spa at the Greenbrier had been highlighted as #19 on the top 100 Spas of 2020, according to Spas of America, the largest spa and wellness travel website. 

This beautiful resort really did give me Pause for Spas and provides Wellness through Travel. The Greenbrier appeals to everybody. This resort not only draws you in with rich history and gorgeous interior designs, but also invites you to enjoy the natural outdoor surroundings.

Wellness Through Travel at the Greenbrier 

Each day, a calendar of events is presented to guests and lists unique options for wellness: meditative hiking, white water rafting, fishing, golf, falconry lessons, alpine climbing and so much more.

This resort is a vacation wonderland for the entire family — it’s educational and historical. The resort even offers tours of the former U.S. Government relocation facility, which is still a protected substructure (bunker) underneath the West Virginia wing of the hotel. The bunker is buried deep into the hillside and is a unique educational tour to take while experiencing your Wellness through Travel.

Travel for wellness at Greenbrier spa, with its entry full of mint and pink flowers
Greenbrier Spa at the Greenbrier Resort in the Allegheny Mountains in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

Healing Natural Thermal Springs in Bath, England

Dating back to 836 BC, the natural thermal springs in the city of Bath, England are a mecca of healing. The healing waters have been enjoyed throughout the ages by the Celts, Romans, Saxons, Georgians and are still drawing visitors today. Visitors can experience history for themselves at the Thermae Bath Spa.

Even though these waters still remain a mystery, it is believed that the rainwater fell and sank to a depth of about 2 km more than 10,000 years ago. The high temperature rocks heated the water and caused it to rise up through one of the three hot springs in the center of Bath: The Cross Spring, Hetling Spring and the King’s Spring. There are 42 different minerals in the springs, but sulphate, calcium and chloride make up the highest concentrations of minerals.

Treat Yourself to a Spa Package at Thermae Bath Spa

The Thermae Bath Spa re-opened in April 2021 for visitors who are craving wellness. These warm waters offer numerous health benefits. The New Royal Bath packages offered at the spa facility are very generous. Many offer long hours of the healing warm waters from a beautiful open-air rooftop pool, which features one of the most unique views of the city of Bath and the surrounding hills.

The Twilight and Sunday Meal taster packages boast a delicious meal and drink while offering an experience within the spa facility. Enjoying Baths’ spectacular skyline at twilight is a delight for the senses.

people soaking in thermal baths at Bath, England
Healing Natural Thermal Springs in Bath, England

Float on the Minerva Bath for an Experience Like No Other

The mineral-rich waters of the Minerva Bath, with its grand columns and lazy thermal river, allow one to relax and float effortlessly while meditating under the low lights. Minerva Bath was named after the Roman Goddess of Health and Wisdom. The Minerva Bath is included in the New Royal Bath packages. It is the largest of the baths and is not only rich in minerals but also provides guests a luxurious experience.

The city of Bath itself is charming. It’s a short train ride from London if you only want to visit for the day. Bath is rich with history and grandeur and transports you back to an era where “taking in the waters” was an event like no other. This timeless place leaves you wanting to come back time after time.

Experience History Through a Roman Bath

Imagine yourself touring the bath houses of the ancient world — The Roman Baths. In the ruins of the temple where the Romans “took their waters” you can experience the Magical Summer Evenings Package. This package allows the rich history of the baths to be seen by flickering torchlight. It has a dining provision as well. What could be more inviting?

Discover the wonders of the Roman bath for an unforgettable experience. Study the colorful projections of the Gorgon’s head that dominates the temple pediment. It is brought to life by these vibrant projections and allows you to revel in its glorious ancient splendor.

Springhouse at Bath, England

Go Back in Time in a Roman Bath House

The beauty of stepping back in time allows you to experience how the Roman women in the fourth century would have socialized and bathed in the East Baths. This is an educational glimpse into the workings of a Roman Bath House. Transcending yourself into the Roman era can be intoxicating.     

The stories of wellness and “taking the waters” is even brought to life through real-life Roman characters who stroll around and intrigue guests with stories and educational facts.

Don’t Miss the Jane Austen Centre in Bath

Bath is also known for the Jane Austen Centre, which tells the full story of her life while living in Bath from 1801-1806. Utilizing characters from her life experiences in Bath, along with observations from social life interactions, were her greatest assets in her two “Bath” novels, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion.

For the astrology lover, the William Hershel Museum is wonderful. His residence in the New King Street House that he shared with his talented astronomer sister is truly remarkable. It is believed that it was from his home in Bath that he discovered the planet Uranus in 1781.

There is much to do in Bath but Pause for Spas definitely tops the list in this charming city.

Visit Hotel Xcaret Mexico in Riviera Maya

This resort hotel located in Riviera Maya, Mexico offers the visitor a glimpse into the eco-integrative design of merging architecture into the landscape by melding a caring and sustainable point of view.

This exquisite resort has properly named the five buildings (houses) according to the five elements: fire, water, earth, wind and space. From the moment you step onto this property, your wellness experience begins.

Woman laying under spraying water in a spa at the Resort Hotel Xcaret Mexico in Riviera Maya
Resort Hotel Xcaret Mexico in Riviera Maya

Take a Unique Wellness Spa Journey

The resort reconnects you with Mother Earth all within the Maluk Spa, which is nestled in a cave of natural rock. This is a soulful journey and truly one of a kind. With the rivers and cenote, and all nine natural parks to explore, this resort is not only for those craving a connection with the elements, but also for the active enthusiast who finds wellness through outdoor adventure.

Each of the parks offers unique activities that will make your soul soar to new heights. Transform your health by ziplining in the evening high above the Mayan Rainforest and descending into a torchlit cave with underground rivers, driving a monster truck among natural obstacles or exploring the ancient Mayan pyramids or ancient Tulum. No matter how you find your wellness, Hotel Xcaret will definitely give you Pause for Spas!

Le Champlain & Le Laperouse (Ponant) Exploration Cruise Ship

Sailing the high seas is always an adventure but finding a spa experience aboard a luxury explorer-class cruise ship is exceptional.

Ponant vessels showcase sustainable eco-responsible experiences. These luxurious ships are built smaller for a more intimate cruising adventure. French elegance and a boutique resort emanate throughout the interior and the spa, sauna and the Blue Eye Lounge truly feel like you are bringing the outside in.

The wide windows create a backdrop to the serene sauna. Experience a meditative state of mind while being captivated by the beautiful waters and vivid colors of the sky.

woman in towel viewing the ocean from the spa inside the Le Champlain & Le Laperouse (Ponant) Exploration Cruise Ship
Le Champlain & Le Laperouse (Ponant) Exploration Cruise Ship

A Wellness Adventure in the Blue Eye Lounge

Entering the Blue Eye Lounge is a one-of-a-kind wellness adventure. This salon is located at the lowest part of the ship and is a sensory explosion, designed to represent the illusion of seeing through the eye of a whale. The soft blue lighting, coupled with the hydrophones and huge speakers, lull you into a state of relaxation. The sights and the sounds from this unique spa sensation create an experience that will truly heal your heart and your soul. Designed by 20 engineers, the large windows have 18 layers of glass and are designed to capture your imagination, making you believe you are immersed with the outside marine life. 

The numerous cameras located underwater on the outside of the ship are projected inside on the walls of the lounge. The vision of dolphins and underwater species swimming along the side of the ship has a lasting effect. This experience is truly a sensory experience that cannot be duplicated. 

This exquisite fleet of exploration cruise ships is a must for the marine explorer in all of us. This link gives you a glimpse into the unique salon on the water.

Book Your Wellness Journey With Destiny Travel Group Tours

When we Pause for Spas, the wellness journey can be endless. There are so many ways to reconnect and restore ourselves in this beautiful world. Wellness through Travel has never been more important than it is today.

Take the journey with Destiny Travel Group Tours and you’ll never look back! For a free complimentary consult with the Destiny Travel & Group Tours Team, click here.   

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