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Toast Travel Trend Forecasts for 2021: Take 5

Toast travel trend forecasts for 2021, and here is a whale and its baby in the ocean

Prepare for Take-Off

What better way to start off 2021 than with Toast travel trend forecasts?

Pre-2020 travel is, quite literally, a thing of the past. The masklessness, the countless high-touch surfaces both in the sky and at the terminal, the snacks, the drinks and those grimy seat-pocket magazines — now, it all seems impossible, if not abhorrent.

However, travel has changed with the times. Now, there’s increased security, complete with health screening, plus a refreshed emphasis on hygiene, safety and sustainability. Sanitize your seat-back tray, fasten your seatbelt, sit back and relax – here are five travel trends set for take-off in 2021 as we unveil our Toast travel trend forecasts.

#1: Antibacterial apparel 

We can’t stay in quarantine limbo forever, so airlines and travellers have geared up with all things tech, and all things antibacterial. In 2021, a plethora of safe-travel apparel and accessories will hit the runway, from stylish, ultra-safe, protective jumpsuits and self-sanitizing textiles, to on-the-go wellness kits.

#2: Always OOO – one of Toast travel trend forecasts

Would you rather spend your 9-to-5 in a drab, fluorescent-lit cubicle, in an overpriced, downtown condo, or in an affordable, sun-drenched apartment on the beach?

Welcome to the new age of the digital nomad. With most workplaces now remote-friendly, people will choose to live where they’ve always dreamed, and they’ll do it now, not when they’re retired.

One-way tickets will be the new-new normal, and those who go wheels-up on this trend will enjoy affordable living costs, the ability to easily isolate and quarantine as needed, and the chance to work from home while the ocean roars in the background.

#3: Dream-come-true travel

We spent most of 2020 in long-term lockdown and indoor isolation, so we had plenty of time to daydream about all the things we’d rather do. In 2021, those blue-sky wishes will transform into travel plans as predicted by Toast travel trend forecasts.

People will book epic, multiple-stop trips, with their bucket list as their guide. One once-in-a-lifetime experience after another, they’ll make 2021 the year they climb Kilimanjaro, swim with humpbacks and live out the life of their quarantine dreams.

#4: Sustainable travel is one of the Toast travel trend forecasts

“Nature is healing itself” was a common refrain during the pandemic. When tourism came to an abrupt halt, nature finally had a chance to catch up, and travel destinations had time to stop and truly consider the impact of tourism — realizations we’ll see the results of in 2021.

For example, last year, the Faroe Islands announced that it was “closed for maintenance,” but open for “voluntourists” — the name given to travellers who volunteer their time to help restore popular tourist sites.

Major airlines and railways also have sustainable travel on their itinerary. Canadian airline Harbor Air will switch to electric planes for flights between British Columbia and Washington State. And, for those who prefer to travel closer to the ground, some good news: the European Commission declared 2021 the European Year of Rail to promote safe, sustainable travel and to fulfill the European Green Deal’s targets.

#5: Return of the Travel Agent

Since it’s so easy to click-and-pay your way to a holiday, travel agents have almost become obsolete. But, if you’ve ever had to cancel or change travel plans, you know how difficult it can be without an agent’s help.

Those who travel in 2021 will do it with the help of a travel agent. With the continued challenge of outbreaks, lockdowns and general uncertainty, travel agents will be in demand for their ability to navigate even the finest print with confidence. Seat sales, updates on policy changes, health and safety regulations, top insurance rates, last-minute cancellations? Stand back, internet — it’s time to let the agents take the wheel.

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The Author
Jeanie is a South African born Canadian living in the Dominican Republic with her husband. She is a brand strategist and creative director by day and a pseudo writer by night. She loves cats, wine, books and the ocean, and when she’s not working, she spends her days thinking about life, feeding and befriending stray cats, volunteering at the local animal shelter, chatting to her friends around the world and searching for seashells on secret beaches.

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