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Toast Fashion Trend Forecasts for 2021: Our Big 5

Published on January 12, 2021

Toast fashion trend forecast with social distancing skirts worn by three girls on a street

Futuristic. Functional. Fabulous.

In a world… where masked humans and clouds of sanitizer collide. When a virus has traded elite haute couture for high-tech, safety-centric style. Okay, let’s stop right there. No, this is not a sci-fi movie; this is fashion in 2021. And these are the Toast fashion trend forecasts.

After years of old-is-new-again trends, 2021 will strut forward with bold, new bravery. Fashion will be fabulous and functional, safe and stylish. And it won’t look back. Here’s what we’ll see on the runway, on the street and in the future.

Lead Image: Social-distancing Skirts from Multiply | Image Credit: Multiply

#1: Masks Are Here To Stay

We’re excited about this Toast fashion trend forecast where function meets fashion meets innovation. In 2021, we’ll see the latest safety staple take many different, stylish new forms. Look forward to stick-on masks in the salon, mask-visor combos that slide into place and luxe-brand protective visors that keep you safe while you stay stylish. Get ready for some high-tech fashion for your face.

Toast Fashion Trends Forecast for 2021 includes the Nike Conceptual 'Gādo' Face Shield modelled by a young man
The Nike Conceptual ‘Gādo’ Face Shield is a 2021 trend to watch | Image Credit: Nike

#2: Social-distancing fashion

Think: Effie and her high-class colleagues in the dystopian novel, The  Hunger Games. The social-distancing fashion trend is similar to the OTT outfits of the Capital, but the oversized, overstated style’s IRL version serves a purpose: to fashionably assert your personal space. However, if you crave a complete-incognito vibe and prefer to hide from the world, this self-isolation hoodie will do the trick.

Social Distance Hat Design by Veronica Toppino is part of the 2021 Toast fashion trend forecasts, and  features a large metallic circular design to create space
Social Distance Hat Design by Veronica Toppino is forecasted 2021 trend | Image Credit: Dezeen
The Self-isolation Hoodie by Volleba is 2021 trend, and zips up to completely close the hood.
Toast forecasts the Self-isolation Hoodie by Vollebak to be a 2021 fashion trend | Image Credit: Vollebak

#3: Mask-integrated garments are a Toast fashion trend forecast

In 2021, we’ll see more and more garments with integrated masks. You won’t have to rummage through your bag or car in a mask-search panic again — this trend will automatically keep you stylish and safe.

Toast Fashion Trend Forecasts for 2021 include the Bio Hoodie from G95, and this shows a hood with the  built-in mask zipped up over the girl's nose.
Toast forecasts The Bio Hoodie from G95 as a 2021 fashion trend | Image Credit: G95

#4 Sustainable footwear

Trash, but make it wearable. Big brands like Nike, Adidas + Allbirds, and New Balance have kicked trash to the curb with sneakers made of 50 per cent recycled material. The Nike Space Hippie sneaker is one to note and is a perfect match for the futuristic, functional fashion trends that await us in 2021.

Nike Space Hippy Recycled Sneaker is a Toast forecasted 2021 trend, and  has a futuristic look with white top, blue heel and orange ties.
Nike Space Hippy Recycled Sneaker is a Toast forecasted 2021 trend | Image Credit: Nike

#5: Innovations in leather, a Toast fashion trend forecast

Is it leather? Is it pleather? No, it’s the future of food waste and conservation and among the 2021 Toast fashion trend forecasts.

The innovation bypasses pollution-heavy factory farms and extinct-species poachers to meet the demand for leather apparel and accessories. Enter Tomtex — a leather textile made from seafood shells and coffee grounds — by Vietnamese designer Uyen Tran. The biomaterial has the flexibility of real leather and can be embossed with any texture to replicate the feel of genuine leather. Not only does it look good, but it’s a big step forward for fashionable sustainability.

Tomex Leather Textile is 2021 trend, a leather textile made from seafood shells and coffee grounds that comes in many colours.
Tomex Leather Textile is a Toast forecasted 2021 trend | Image Credit: Dezeen
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