Some of the Best Regina Walking Paths to Explore in Any Season

Published on July 24, 2021

woman standing on one of the many Regina walking paths

With over 32 km of walking paths in Regina, it can be hard to know which walking path might be the best one for your next outdoor excursion.

Where are the playgrounds located? What other activities can you expect to find? And do you really have to walk the whole path, or are there shorter options available?

Walking even just 15 minutes a day is proven to be a natural mood booster, so here are three of the best Regina walking paths to make planning your next stroll easy!

Devonian Pathway: Perfect for Dog Lovers (7.8 km)

The Devonian Pathway spans multiple green spaces across the city. Starting at Ritter Ave. and walking south, crossing the bridge at 7th Ave, you’ll arrive at A.E. Wilson Park. From here you have the option of taking the east path past the Rick Hansen Optimist Playground or walking the west path towards the soccer fields.

For a more scenic route cut through the island on the west side path, continuing on to the McCarthy St. bridge. The A.E. Wilson park path can be completed as a loop bringing you back up to the Dorthey St. entrance, or you can continue past McCarthy street towards the RCMP Heritage Centre and Grassick park.

The Grassick path continues south past the Royal Regina Golf Club and pops out on 13th Ave. For all the dog owners in the city, this is the path you’ll want to take as it connects to the Cathy Lauritsen Memorial Off-Leash Dog Park. Take some time with your dog to socialize with others, play fetch, and burn off some energy before crossing over to Lewvan into Les Sherman park.

a creek, grass and homes near the The Devonian Pathway in Regina
The Devonian Pathway is one of many Regina walking paths

This Regina walking path will lead you to a waterfall park

Past Les Sherman is one of Regina’s gems: Kiwanis Waterfall Park. This path begins to take you southeast, and slightly off the beaten path, you can find the Kiwanis waterfall and playground nearby. Kiwanis is another trail that can be done as part of the 7.8 km Devonian pathway or can be completed as a loop.

However, you will have to take a left on the north side of the path onto Angus Blvd. to complete the loop, giving you a great opportunity to check out the multiple heritage homes in the area. Once you reach the intersection at 19 Ave and Albert St., a right will take you back towards Kiwanis or you can cross under the Albert Memorial Bridge to enter Wascana Parkway. 

Wascana Parkway: Embrace Regina Culture (9.5 km)

The 9.5 km Wascana Parkway is probably one of the most well-known walking paths in Regina. It’s located to the east of the Albert Street Memorial Bridge, which is the longest bridge over the smallest body of water in the world.

Emerging from under the bridge, which is in the midst of being revitalized by local artists with sponsorship from the Cathedral Village Arts Festival, you will find yourself in the heart of Wascana. With multiple amenities such as kayak/canoe rentals, an ice cream truck, and the Bar Willow Eatery overlooking the lake, you could easily spend the day soaking up all Wascana Parkway has to offer.

The Albert Street bridge in Regina is being revitalized by local artists with sponsorship from the Cathedral Village Arts Festival

This side of the Wascana Parkway only covers approximately 4 km of the 9.5 km trail. The rest of the path can be accessed by taking a left at the Broad Street bridge, coming out at the Conexus Art Centre. From here, going left will take you into Candy Cane and Douglas Park past the Saskatchewan Science Centre. Taking a right at the Conexus Arts Centre will take you past the Wascana Waterfowl Display Ponds, continuing on to the University of Regina and out towards the Queen City’s East end. 

Wascana Lake and the Legislature in Regina, accessible by man Regina walking paths
The meandering Wascana Parkway embraces a combination of Regina walking paths that are a treat for the soul

Harbour Landing Pathway: For the Kid in All of Us (2.4 km)

One of the newer additions to Regina’s walking paths is the stand-alone Harbour Landing Pathway. Located close to the Grasslands shopping centre, this 2.4 km walk is nestled in among businesses and neighborhoods and allows you to enjoy the outdoors while keeping you close to any amenities you might need.

The walk begins on Beacon Dr. at Norseman Park where you’ll find basketball courts, a skate park and a large playground. As you head northeast on the asphalt paved path, you’ll round a corner to an open field on your right, and Harbour Landing neighborhoods on your right. Continuing on, you’ll come across a gravel path that leads you north, and deeper into the heart of Harbour Landing.

The great thing about the Harbour Landing Pathway is the multiple bridges at every leg that will loop you back to the beginning of the trail, so you don’t have to complete the entire 2.4 km walk. If you do finish it, the walk takes you to Parliament Ave. where it loops back south to Norseman Park.

a Regina walking path beside a creek and homes
The Harbour Landing Pathway is one of Regina’s walking paths nestled amongst homes and businesses

Fun Things to Do in Regina

Regina’s dedication to green space is a huge benefit to everyone in the city. It allows residents to enjoy the beautiful Saskatchewan summers while providing unique activities in each of its parks. So grab your family or a friend, pack a picnic, and go make the most out of summer by discovering something new in the paths right outside your front door.

Looking for more fun things to do in Regina this summer?

  1. Queen City Ex is back with 5 days of food, fun, music, shopping and more.
  2. Road trip to Saskatoon for the Saskatchewan Jazz Festival, which is returning in August 2021. Organizers say it’s going to be bigger and better than ever this year.
  3. Enroll the kids in School of Rock camps and workshops in Regina. These include performance boot camps, artist-themed camps, songwriting and recording, and more — for every interest and skill level.
  4. Hop over to Moose Jaw, Canada’s most notorious city for fun summer activities.
  5. Visit a new local business — Elle’s Café opened during the pandemic — and order something from their ice cream window, which features the only Dole Whip ice cream in the city.

Photos courtesy Hanna Karman

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