Start a Plastic-Free Beauty Routine With These Products

Published on October 27, 2021

A bamboo toothbrush is an example of plastic-free beauty.

With many organizations sounding the alarm for climate change issues, it’s never been more important to be conscious of our consumption. We all have a responsibility to reduce our personal carbon footprint by making lifestyle shifts like biking or walking instead of driving, or thrifting instead of supporting fast fashion.

Another key element of reducing your carbon footprint involves cutting back on plastic products wherever possible by using reusable food containers, water bottles and coffee mugs, and opting for plastic-free beauty products. Not only is this an important step you can take to help heal the planet, but with many plastic products containing harmful chemicals, it’s also a better choice in terms of your overall health. Luckily, your morning beauty routine is a simple way to go green and plastic-free.

Plastic-Free Beauty Products for Your Morning Routine

Recently, many sustainable, eco-friendly personal care and beauty brands have been stepping up their game to do their part in the fight against climate change and help us all create more sustainable morning (or evening!) routines.

If you’re looking for some plastic-free beauty inspiration, here are five sustainable products we’re currently loving.

1. EcoRoots Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Although you may be used to washing your hair using liquid shampoo and conditioner from a plastic bottle, making the switch to shampoo bars can be a great way to reduce waste and reduce our impact on the environment. EcoRoots Shampoo and Conditioner Bars provide a zero-waste, plastic-free option, and all shipping materials are 100% recyclable and compostable. We promise you won’t miss your bottled shampoo at all.

2. Beauty Kubes Shampoo and Body Wash

Each box of Beauty Kubes shampoo and body wash contains 27 vegan, cruelty-free and natural cubes that will make shower time much more convenient and sustainable. The cubes come in a variety of different scents and formulas to suit people’s diverse plastic-free beauty needs, including a conditioning hair mask for dry or damaged hair.

3. Yay for Earth Sensitive Skin Face Lotion

With adorable packaging and a handful of all-natural, organic ingredients, this Sensitive Skin Face Lotion from the popular green beauty brand Yay for Earth is sustainably sourced without plastic. The honey and beeswax in the cream is sourced from a local beekeeper, and provides anti-viral, anti-bacterial compounds. The cream’s olive oil, organic shea butter and pomegranate seed oil also pack a potent yet gentle punch.

4. Bamboo Toothbrush

Another way plastic might be sneaking its way into your daily routine (and your mouth) is your toothbrush. Why not switch to a more sustainable alternative by using a bamboo toothbrush instead? This bamboo toothbrush from Acala features FSC-certified bamboo and charcoal infused bristles that are ideal for plaque removal.

5. Organic Cotton Tampons

Made with just one ingredient — 100% pure natural cotton fibers and threads — these organic cotton tampons from period care company &SISTERS are made with no synthetics, dyes, bleaches or perfumes. They’re also wrapped in 100% recyclable paper so you can rest assured these tampons will be not only plastic-free but also a step up from your average drug store brand.

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