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Finishing touches for home that bring rest and rejuvenation
Interiors & Design

Finishing Touches for Home, the Cozy Welcoming Kind

With Design Expert Carli Rodger from Citizen Design Co. Pre-2020, life was a lot more… out there. And not in a wild, outrageous way (though, who else gets tense when they see groups of people or handshakes on “olden days” TV?), but “out there” in a leaving-the-house way. This past year has brought us back home, in every sense of the word. Not only are we literally in our houses more than ever, but we’ve

Keeping your dog off the couch with jennifer berg
At Home

Keeping Dogs Off Couches, Some Helpful Tips

When a client asks me how to keep their dog off the couch, My first question is “Why do you want to keep your dog off the couch?” Should dogs be allowed on the couch? It’s your house so you get to make the rules. The out-dated training advice to never let your dog onto an “elevated position of power” such as a couch is based on a misinterpretation of canine social behaviour. My advice

Countersurfing by dogs can be stopped
At Home

Your Dog’s Counter Surfing and How to Prevent it

Nothing compares to the joy of companionship with our furry family members, but sometimes a dog’s instinctive behaviours such as foraging and exploring don’t fit in well with a home environment. When a dog grabs an item off the counter and it results in something the dog enjoys, such as tasty food, a novel object, or a game of chase, then counter surfing is likely to be repeated in the future. Here are ways to

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Functional and Luxurious Design - Window treatment
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Home Design and Construction at Strata Development

Functional, luxurious and client-focused — Strata Development brings its high level of commitment and integrity to home design and construction excellence in Saskatoon’s residential market.