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Beauty & Fashion

Celebrating ethical Canadian brands, Kotn’s Men's Crew Sweater in Black
Beauty & Fashion

Celebrating Ethical Canadian Brands That are Worth Wearing

Three homegrown brands that embrace the slow fashion movement The modern consumer world is full of questions about sustainability and ethical production. Do you ever wonder about the environmental impact of the fashion industry? Before you buy a shirt, do you consider where it came from and who made it? It’s difficult to know who to trust, or where to find the answers, but the knowledge you’ll gain is well worth the effort. I’m here

Toast fashion trend forecast with social distancing skirts worn by three girls on a street
Beauty & Fashion

Toast Fashion Trend Forecasts for 2021: Our Big 5

Futuristic. Functional. Fabulous. In a world… where masked humans and clouds of sanitizer collide. When a virus has traded elite haute couture for high-tech, safety-centric style. Okay, let’s stop right there. No, this is not a sci-fi movie; this is fashion in 2021. And these are the Toast fashion trend forecasts. After years of old-is-new-again trends, 2021 will strut forward with bold, new bravery. Fashion will be fabulous and functional, safe and stylish. And it

Beauty & Fashion

On-trend Hair & Makeup to Accent Your Natural Beauty

A modern approach that celebrates your natural beauty. Featuring on-trend, minimalist hair and makeup looks to accentuate your beautiful features. Toast teamed up with Sara Lindsay and her team of local artists to create her favourite looks to celebrate in style this holiday season. Look 1 for on-trend hair & makeup Look 2 for minimalist beauty Look 3 to celebrate natural beauty Sara Lindsay offers private makeup lessons at her studio for an everyday look

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