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Raquel Vigueras created Pueblo Chili Co

7 Hot Sauce Flavours from Pueblo Chili Co.

Regina’s Raquel Vigueras is a Chilean-Canadian whose career recently took a saucy, spicy turn. This year, she left her full-time career as a formally trained graphic designer to turn attention to her side hustle: hot sauce. Today, she is proud to present 7 hot sauce flavours from Pueblo Chili Co. The concept for Pueblo Chili Co, her hot sauce brand, came from a project Raquel worked on while studying at Vancouver’s Visual College of Art

CJ Katz created 2 recipes books that came out of the COVID lockdown

Recipes that United Us When We Were Apart

Lead photo Liz’s Hot Water Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting Award-winning cookbook author, TV chef and host of The Wheatland Café on CTV, CJ Katz, has released her two-volume cookbook of the family recipes “that brought us together while we remained apart during COVID-19.” ONE LOAF AT TIME is stuffed with more than 45 recipes of the baking that Chef Katz and seasoned family cooks prepared for their families during the early days of

French Onion Soup by Lionel & Hetta

Flavourful French Onion Soup by Lionel & Hetta

The key to a great French onion soup is patience. There’s so much flavour to be found in the onions alone, but if you rush the process, you’ll risk missing out on their full potential. By taking it low and slow, the natural sugars in the onions break down, allowing them to caramelize. This results in some serious depth of flavour! If possible, I highly recommend using homemade stock (beef, chicken or a mix), which

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