Morning Motivation By Kelsi Will Start Your Day Off Right

Published on September 14, 2020

I would like to preface this article by stating that I am by no means a morning person, an early riser or anything of the like. In fact, I am just the opposite and have always been a night owl. I struggle with getting out of bed, arriving at places on time and basically getting anything accomplished before 10 a m.  With that being said, since returning to an early morning workday after maternity leave, I found myself dreading the AM, rushing, and generally being in a bad mood every single day. I recognized this and decided it was a pattern I needed to break, so I began implementing small changes into my routine to ensure a happier and less stressful start to my Monday to Friday. Enjoy this morning motivation by Kelsi.

Morning motivation starts with getting ready the night before

Prepare as much as possible the night before, to reduce the number of checkboxes on your morning “To-Do List.” For me, this includes packing my lunch, as well as my kids’ lunches, prepping my latte so all I need to do is push a button, and choosing our outfits for the next day (after checking the forecast, of course). Once all this is done, I have an easier time relaxing and falling asleep.

Set the alarm that is best for you and gets you going

I’ve heard conflicting advice when it comes to setting your alarm. If you set it too early, you might fall back asleep. I’ve found that giving myself 10 extra minutes to chill in bed and scroll through my phone seems to be the perfect amount. Just to be sure, I set two alarms because old habits die hard. While we are on the topic of phones, I’ve heard several people swear by plugging their phones in across their bedrooms, so they have no choice but to get out of bed to turn it off. Alarm clocks with a light that simulates a sunrise also come highly recommended and I plan on adding one into my morning mix come wintertime.

Start your playlist or podcast, pull back the curtains & make your bed

Now that the worst part is over (exiting your nice, warm bed), it’s time to set the tone for the day. I start by putting on a playlist or podcast as a soundtrack as I get ready. I go for chill, relaxing and uplifting music. Acoustic covers and singer-songwriter playlists are my jam. Then it’s time to open all the blinds in the house to let that morning light pour in. Don’t overlook this step; it’s amazing how a little sunshine can totally boost your mood. The same goes for making the bed; a made bed gives a sense of accomplishment.

Nourish yourself well for morning motivation

Lastly, nourish yourself! I don’t have a large appetite in the morning but since trying to put something besides caffeine into my system in the morning, I feel so much better and have more energy. I go for smoothies, overnight oats and chia seed pudding, which I prep the night before.  If you want to be really crazy, drink a glass of water and take a multivitamin while you’re at it.  Am I turning into my mother?

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