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You vs. Your Smartphone: One Habit for Morning Inspiration

man reading newspaper, you vs your smartphone

We’re creatures of habit. When we think of our morning routine, what usually comes to mind?

We’ll likely brew a cup of coffee to get ourselves caffeinated. Assuming there’s time, we’ll pull together a bite to eat before hopping on our first Zoom call of the day.

Sounds a bit frantic, doesn’t it? What if it didn’t need to be this way? What if there was a way to take back control of your morning? It’s a lot easier than you might think.

Put your needs first, it’s really you vs. your smartphone

It all starts by disrupting your morning routine by putting your needs first before the needs of your smartphone.

Think about that for a second. We’re intentionally drawn to notice the handful of notifications that popped up, letting us know what we have missed while we were sleeping.

Before we know it, 30 minutes may have likely gone by — and we haven’t even had a chance to get out of bed!

Keep the first 30 minutes of your day “phone-free” & add 3+ hours to your week

It’s been said that the first step to solving a problem is recognizing there is one. So, if 30 minutes is going by in a flash, set aside the distraction. Challenge yourself not to look at your phone for the first 30 minutes of your day.

I’ve been doing this for a few months now. It’s completely transformed how I go about tackling my day, starting at 5:00 a.m. I have time to make my bed, then shower and get dressed. I spend the remaining time doing a few stretches and then look at my day ahead by working through my to-do list.

Setting the alarm so early in the morning gives me a whole bunch of extra time. I have the opportunity to use the time to get caught up on podcasts, browsing a few articles, and spending time to evaluate my goals.

This is your opportunity to take back control of your morning. The economics make sense, too. If we spent 30 minutes less on our smartphone per morning in a single week, that could yield us 3.5 hours for other things.

That 3.5 hours could be used to help you finish that book, listen to your favourite podcast (or two) — or just take time to be present in your thoughts, distraction-free.

You vs. your smartphone, shift your morning routine

November 1 signalled the start of a shift in time for those who observe Daylight Saving Time. Saskatchewan, let’s shift our morning routines to make the most of our time as we get settled in for the winter!

I’d be curious to know how you’ve shifted your morning routine. Reach out on Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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Brennen Schmidt is a writer, speaker, and consultant with a passion for unlocking the conversation on technology. Brennen has a keen interest in topics ranging from digital communications and cybersecurity to the risks and benefits of technology. He explores each of these topics in his co-authored book, Cyber City Safe: Emergency Planning Beyond the Maginot Line. Brennen’s work has been syndicated by Troy Media to 1,800 newspapers, and a website with more than 5 million hits. He has spoken to a variety of audiences across Canada and has provided commentary for local and national media.

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