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Environment & Sustainability

Colourful, sustainably xeriscaped yard in front of a house.
Environment & Sustainability

Xeriscaping, A Sustainable Landscaping Approach

In North America, we have been socially conditioned to associate lush, well-manicured grass lawns with prosperity. As a result, homeowners often feel the pressure, either self-imposed or from neighbours, to keep their lawns in tip-top conditions. However, we rarely stop to think about the environmental consequences of such social norms. Let’s go over why grass lawns aren’t very environmentally-friendly, and why xeriscaping is a more sustainable landscaping approach. Environmental Impacts of Grass Lawn Grass as

Shifting from Apparel to Masks - Vivacious Boutique Co
Environment & Sustainability

Locally-Made Ethical Clothing & Masks from Encircled

Since 2012, the Toronto-based apparel company, Encircled, have focused on designing and selling stylish, versatile and comfortable loungewear – locally-made ethical clothing. And while building a financially viable business is important to them, they perhaps take more pride in being a social purpose business, guided by an ethos of sustainability, locality and ethical production, which has earned the certification as a B Corporation. Encircled responded quickly with locally-made ethical masks So, when COVID-19 broke out

Making the Planet a Priority - Toast
Environment & Sustainability

Businesses Tackle Climate Change Courtesy Carbon Capital Credit

Photos courtesy Carbon Credit Capital Carbon Credit Capital makes it simple for businesses and individuals to tackle climate change. By offering carbon-neutral programs and credits for purchase, this conscious business works with both international and local partners to make the planet a priority by reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Based in New York City, Carbon Credit Capital is a certified B Corporation, which means they must ensure the highest standard of accountability in environmental

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