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Toast wellness trends forecast includes bringing out the tarot cards and a hand is extended to read them.
Health & Fitness

Toast Wellness Trend Forecasts for 2021: Check Out These 5

Dust off the Tarot Cards In 2021, we won’t just get better, we’ll get well. After a harrowing year of anxiety, sanitization and isolation, we now turn to rituals, alternative healing and spirituality to soothe our insides. Turn the lights down low – here are our five Toast wellness trend forecasts for 2021.  #1: Modern mystics We didn’t need a crystal ball to predict this trend. The Pinterest 2021 Wellness Trend Report states a 100

Lisa Greig provides advice about grief during the pandemic
Health & Fitness

Unpacking Our Pandemic Grief We Are Experiencing Together

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is upon us, and it truly is a magical time of year. Snow-kissed streets. Twinkling lights. Holiday cheer and festive gatherings. Yet, it is also a time for unpacking our pandemic grief that we are experiencing together. Make space for grief during the holiday season While I want to celebrate this season’s merriness, I want to acknowledge that this time of year can also be challenging. I

December horoscopes by Giselle of Cosmic Laundry
Health & Fitness

December Horoscopes by Giselle of Cosmic Laundry

As we move into December and begin to release the energy of 2020, we must reflect on all the changes within us this past year. Astrologically speaking, 2020 was the year of the century. In our lifetimes, we will never see or experience anything like it ever again. Monumental shifts in the collective and in our individual lives have been made. We are not the same as before, and we will never go back to

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