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A Passion for Supporting Immigrants - Royalty-free
For Good

A Passion for Supporting Immigrants to Help Families Fulfill Dreams

Spotlight on Diversity Saskatoon-based immigration consulting and recruiting firm, Alexene Immigration & Employment Services, has a passion for supporting immigrants and finds success in a personal approach to business. Alexene Immigration and Employment Services, a Saskatoon-based immigration consulting and recruiting firm, offers their clients a wide variety of immigration services,

Together We Stand Saskatchewan - Stock photography
For Good

Together We Stand Saskatchewan is About Community

COVID-19 has decimated the global economy and caused enormous stress to business owners large and small. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel; there is a plan to Re-Open Saskatchewan and maybe, just maybe, we can begin to put COVID-19 behind us and begin the Post-COVID-19

Horoscopes by Giselle of Cosmic Laundry

June Horoscopes by Giselle of Cosmic Laundry

Happy June, Cosmic Babes! Before we dive into the astrology for the month, and June horoscopes by Giselle, I want you to know two things: that I am here for your growth and that you don’t need anything outside of you for that growth to happen. Horoscopes can be a

Imaginative at the Meadery - High Park Brewery
Food & Drinks

Prairie Bee Meadery In Moose Jaw Adds Tours to Product Lineup

Like many small businesses in the retail sector, Prairie Bee Meadery has felt the effects of COVID-19 dramatically. Although they produce their mead from their farm about 20 kilometres west of Moose Jaw, their main source of income comes from their store, located in downtown Moose Jaw. In light of

Returning to the Kitchen - Chocolate brownie
Food & Drinks

Returning to the Kitchen to Cook Our Way Through a Crisis

Photos courtesy CJ Katz There’s a silver lining in everything; that’s my belief. And while there continues to be many exceptional challenges during this unprecedented outbreak, it has made us stop! And in many respects, returning to the kitchen has been a good thing. We have all collectively ground to

Beetles - Soil

Early June Gardening Guide with Mark Cullen

Sowing heat-seeking plants in early June The popularity of growing vegetables in your own yard has experienced unprecedented growth this spring during COVID-19.  As the temperature rises, there are many warm-weather vegetables you can sow directly in your garden. Warm-weather crops are those that will not tolerate frost when first

The Women of Fashion Climate Justice - Céline Semaan Vernon
Environment & Sustainability

The Women of Fashion Climate Justice & Activism

Five women of fashion climate justice from around the globe are leading the way for climate activism within the fashion industry. Céline Semaan Céline Semaan, founder and creative director of the nonprofit education initiative Study Hall, is credited with coining the term “fashion activism.” Study Hall holds an annual summit

Chef Milton Rebello Competes on Fire Masters - Cuisine
Food & Drinks

Chef Milton Rebello Competes on Fire Masters

Photos courtesy of Slice Regina-based Chef Milton Rebello is no stranger to culinary competitions, and in 2020, he got a shot at Fire Masters. The chef and owner of the popular Skye Café & Bistro won gold at the prestigious Gold Medal Plates competition in Regina in 2012. The next

Reduce, Repair, Upcycle - Art
Environment & Sustainability

Reduce, Repair & Upcycle Fashion to Create Connection

From the runway to the home, upcycling and handmade garments are the latest trends that can alleviate our longing for human connection. For Maison Margiela’s Fall 2020 show, John Galliano chose to include upcycled vintage clothes from charity shops.  “This idea is that this voyage of discovery supports this feeling

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